Analytics is reviewing the data that your campaigns are generating and gathering meaningful insight to make effective changes. By analyzing audience segments and behavior and making adjustments to your marketing efforts, you are able to make informed and accurate decisions. Typical information to review includes metrics such as session duration, interests, page views, and user behavior once on your site.

Why Choose This Service:

  • You do not know how users behave once landing on your site
  • You are looking to improve your sales funnel
  • You need to gauge your campaign effectiveness
  • You are looking for new audience segments to target

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Our Approach

To Analytics

Analytics is the backbone of everything we do. Once our campaigns are live, we monitor how users are interacting with your page after arriving. By looking at multiple performance indicators, we are able to rapidly pivot to new strategies or decide if our current course is correct. Once a reasonable amount of people have visited the page we have a very clear picture of what is working, and what is not.

“First lay plans which will ensure victory, and then lead your army to battle; if you will not begin with stratagem but rely on brute strength alone, victory will no longer be assured”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  • Ad copy designed to convert clicks to conversions
  • Competitor research
  • Account optimzation and upkeep
  • Geography specific targeting
  • Discovery of niche terms and user behavior

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