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“Opportunities Multiply As They Are Seized.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

A search engine’s primary job is to connect users to a website with relevant content. By using it’s algorithms, it determines what website will have the most useful information a user is looking for and where it appears in rank.

The search engine takes a few different factors into account when determining where your page will show. Our local SEO agency makes sure your website is ranking competitively when potential customers are looking for your services.

Read on to find out more about the process.

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Backlinks Are The New Word Of Mouth

When the search engines are determining where to place your website they also look at how many other sites are linking to your website and what words are in the anchor text. 

For example, a highly reputable website that links back to Faceless Digital as a Phoenix Digital Marketing Agency is much more valuable than a non reputable website with just somewhere in the text.

Our SEO experts find other websites to link to your business and recognize you as an expert in your industry.

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Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundation of any SEO campaign and enable search engine users to find the information or services they are looking for. While some keywords are highly competitive, others are just waiting to be utilized. 

Our digital experts are trained on selecting the highest performing keywords in your industry to bring the most qualified traffic to your site as quickly as possible.

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Types of digital Marketing

The most important factor the search engines look for is what is actually on your website and how frequently it is updated. A user looking for a local plumber is not going to be directed to a site that is mainly offering burritos! Making sure that your site has the appropriate keywords, tags, descriptions, and informative articles is the most efficient way to raise your rank.

After making sure your website is in top shape for keywords related to your business, our marketing team will begin writing SEO articles that are highly targeted to your audience. By making sure you have a regular stream of content related to your industry, the search engines will recognize you as a more useful source and begin to rank you above your competitors.

Site Health Monitoring

Making sure your website is healthy is a key component in raising your rank. Page speed,  toxic backlinks, missing URL’s, and performance are all things that can change over time. Our SEO team are experts at making sure your site has regular checkups and is able to deliver the results you need.


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