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Post Pandemic Marketing with a Remote Team

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Post Pandemic Marketing with a Remote Team

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic saw companies shutter offices across the globe. However, the rollout of vaccine technology suppressed the viral rampage across the developed world.

With companies ready to get back to the office, we take a look at what post-pandemic marketing will look like with your remote team.

Focus on EX and Tools that Work

The pandemic saw managers and teams learn to work with communication and collaboration tools like Basecamp and Zoom. These tools dramatically improve team communications, provided they have the correct implementation and execution by management.

Managers need to look at which tools work, leaving behind those that don’t add value to the team or the organization. Keep those tools that make communications easier, and scrap those that don’t.

Companies should focus on improving the employee experience (EX), with the understanding that increasing EX leads to an improvement in the customer experience (CX) and better business performance.

Refine Strategies to Include States Opening Up

As more states start opening up, people begin to move around and get back to some semblance of normalcy in their lives.

Marketers need to account for this change and adapt to it. Look through successful strategies from the pre-pandemic era, and start executing on those that were working before the lockdowns.

Get Ready to Return to the Office

Eventually, we’re hoping that everything gets back to normal. With vaccination rates increasing across the US and EU, offices are opening back up. Here’s how to deal with getting your employees back to work in a post-pandemic era.

Calling the Team Back

When calling employees back to the office from remote stations, managers must focus on the employee’s mindset and experience. The following approach will help you ease through the transition of getting back to work.

Analyzing Concerns

Management must engage with employees to uncover concerns about returning to the workplace.

Creating an Action Plan

Managers need to collaborate with employees and the C-suite to create action plans for future outbreaks. Understanding the factors influencing the normal function of the office is critical to keeping employees safe.

Establishing a Platform for Employee Feedback

Give your employees a platform where they can voice their concerns or leave feedback about the reintroduction process.

In Closing – Vaccine Policies

Each company has to dictate its mandate towards vaccinated employees. We can expect this issue to become a central theme in employee rights in the coming year.

Take Your Marketing To The Next Level

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