Small business SEO company: The right way to be the industry leader

Small Business SEO

Are you looking for or are an SEO company for small business? Likely, you have already figured out the level of saturation and competition in your niche. SEO services are high in demand throughout industries but the supply is bafflingly high. It seems as if everyone can do SEO – which doesn’t really inspire confidence. But what if we told you that most of these small-time SEO services are doing it wrong? They are focusing too much on pretending to do a great job rather than actually providing value with conviction. Most of these SEO agencies treat their clients as figures.


That approach has never won in any industry that you can think of. If you cannot create value then you will lose most of your clients. That’s why there’s still hope in this super-saturated niche. Only if you can focus on providing value. So, how do you do that? There’s no straightforward checklist. It’s a combination of certain philosophies. Let’s find out what these are. We’re assuming that you’re already good at providing businessservices. If you still have room to grow before you feel confident in calling yourself professional, then improving your digital game is the first step.


Be the master of a trade


The jack of all trades loses. It’s only the master of one who wins. There are many sub-fields within the broader spectrum of SEO. Specializing is often a great idea. It’s just like SEO itself. A new website on photography will get less traction than one on Nikon camera lenses.


  • Narrow your service down.
  • Mark your key competencies.
  • Heavily market the bestselling services only.
  • It’s easier to flesh out later than to get overwhelmed initially and deliver sub-par work.


Quality above quantity


Don’t focus on delivering quantity. Perfect your keywords and take your time in doing that. There are companies always in search of talented work. Those who prize quantity over quality lose out on these valuable clients. For example, a client who will settle for quantity above quality will always be hunting for other services that promise even more quantity for the same buck. Agencies working with such clients are always at the risk of losing them. Believe in your quality and only associate with those who respect it.


Withdrawing from the race to the bottom


You’ll find many agencies fighting for a scrap off the bottom of the barrel. SEO agencies are always in the race to the bottom – quoting lesser prices than their immediate competitors. They might gain short-term momentum, but this principle does more damage than good in the long run.

  • Think long-term.
  • Visualize where you want to be in 2-3 years and what’s the true value of your time and skill.
  • Charge as per your skills and not as per the competitors.
  • Initially, this might hurt getting clients but over the long term, people will appreciate your value and quality.


Paying attention to the finer details


SEO agencies often fixate on the wrong things. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Tailor an impeccably perfect service for your clients. Do meticulous work. For example, suppose there’s an SEO agency that offers link-building services. But they don’t actively monitor the pages they provide links on. When a client loses a link for some reason they will not get to know about it immediately, but given they have parameters in place to track backlinks, sooner or later they are bound to find out.


This will damage the reputation of the agency.In this case, paying attention to the finer details will mean regularly checking these pages. If a link is lost, you first make preparations to either get it back or post another for the client. Then you let the client know. The kind of image this creates in the minds of clients is much superior. They will almost always want to do more work with you.


Treating your clients like they’re the only thing that matters


Fostering long-term partnerships is always better. SEO agencies can quickly become myopic in their operations. They start to see their clients as figures. They become so short-sighted that it’s the money-per-client metric that they use to measure success. Consequently, real human connections are never made. If you wish to retain your clientele then offer them an emotional connection.


There are times when your workload makes you extremely busy. But only those win who can still service their clients so well as if they are the only client. Remember, you might be dealing with ten or a hundred clients. But each client is only dealing with one SEO service provider – you. They expect your undivided attention. If you fail in providing that attention then you can say goodbye to a loyal clientele.


This is also why you should never be in a race to the bottom. If your prices are too low, you will struggle in expanding your team. While the work keeps increasing, your paychecks are not. When an ever-increasing amount of work is divided among the same teams or people, you’re bound to lose personal touch with a client.


Keep your service prices as much as you deserve and need to function smoothly while making a profit, and you can onboard more people as workload increases in the future. This ensures that you can still keep a personal touch with all of the clients, which is key to building a better business.

Wrapping up


So, what did we learn? Don’t fixate too much on short-term gains. The SEO industry is a cutthroat one. It will kick you out the moment it finds you unfit. Keep your morals and work ethics held high. Don’t falter in the face of workload. And always aim for the gold and think long-term. “Just another client” – that type of thinking is a recipe for disaster. Cherish each client as a meaningful connection and you will be rewarded. Most of all, stay patient and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. If you need help with any SEO services give us a call here at Faceless Digital!

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