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The Importance Of Conversion Tracking

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The Importance Of Conversion Tracking – By Faceless Digital

Too often when approached with proposals for campaigns, a digital marketing company will focus on metrics such as impressions and click through rate. While these are important metrics in some campaigns, they are not the whole picture. Today we’re going to look at the importance of conversion tracking in digital campaigns. This is often the most difficult part of setting up a campaign and is frequently overlooked. By setting up your conversion tracking, you are able to accurately see what your ROI is and are then able to make accurate decisions to scale your efforts.

Linking your platforms to a central source is the first step to conversion tracking. We recommend using Google Analytics to link to your marketing platforms (Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing) to view where your traffic is coming from and how they behave. This will let you view the “Acquisitions” tab to get a better sense of your website visitors traffic and how they behave. Identifying which platforms are successful will let you allocate your budget accordingly or change your tactics if a particular campaign is falling flat. After these are connected you will be able to set up goals which can be made into conversions on your ad platform and help you optimize your campaigns. While this is particularly easy on the Google platform, sometimes pixel installation is required on platforms such as Facebook.

The next step is connecting your website or funnel lead source (Contact forms, Sales, or Phone calls) to your analytics account and/or marketing platform. This is where things can get a little confusing. Many popular plugins such as Contact Form 7 or Gravity forms have plugins that will do this automatically for you but sometimes a custom solution is necessary. If there is not a plugin for your preferred form, consider using Google Tag Manager or hiring an expert to set this up for you. This is also true when it comes to phone calls. A great solution for phone call tracking is to use CallRail. Once set up it can show you where your calls came from and even record conversations for quality control.

While there are many different ways to track conversions, the goal remains the same – analyze your cost/conversion. We at Faceless Digital believe that this is the most important metric to focus on across all platforms. If you need to hire a digital marketing team with experience growing businesses, consider giving us a call or contacting us via our form (we definitely track our conversions).

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